With the Coat


Kōto to Tomo ni
Episode Information
Air Date December 26, 2006
Arc General Yeegar Falls arc
Episode 13
Opening Song Innocent Sorrow
Ending Song Snow Kiss
Episode Guide
And Snow Falls Over the Town
The Leaf of Revival

With the Coat (団服(コート)と共に, Kōto to Tomo ni) is the thirteenth episode of the series D.Gray-man written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


The battle with Road is finally over and Allen is unsure on his reasons for becoming an exorcist, but after meeting a new exorcist partner, Lavi, his sense of reason returns to him by understanding the significance of wearing the exorcist uniform.

Synopsis Edit


  • In this episode Lavi mentions that he had to kill a boy who had grown close to him. He is probably referring to Doug from Novella.

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