White Confusion


Konwaku no Shiro
Chapter Information
Release Date July 4, 2006
Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Arc Edo and Asian Branch Arc
Night 80
Volume Our Hope (Volume)
Chapter Guide
Battle·Edo + China
Our Hope

White Confusion is chapter 80 of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

In the Asian Branch, Allen Walker and For are sparring. An angered For exasperated by Allen not doing his best is insulting him. Suddenly he snaps but is stopped by the others. He explains that he doesn't manage to concentrate because he wants to leave and go help his friends.

Bak Chang talk with Sammo Han Won about Allen's state while the latter thinks about his situation sitting on a balcony. Rohfa arrives with a flash-light and sits next to him. They discuss about many things including the training, Allen's intentions. Rohfa's advices seem to reach their target but suddenly another Roha appears behind them shocked to discover herself flirting with Allen. The Fake Rofa resumes her true form, that of For.

Angered at the fail of her plan, For leaves but Allen thanks her for what she did. As she walks away she suddenly freezes. She calls Bak and yells to hide Allen as a cube of the Noah's Ark jumps out of her body and a level 3 akuma appears.

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