When the World Ends


Sekai ga Horobu to iu Koto
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Arc Edo and Asian Branch Arc
Night 69
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The Sinking Darkness

When the World Ends (世界が滅ぶということ, Sekai ga Horobu to iu Koto) is chapter 69 of the D.Gray-man manga written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

Eshi is extremely excited after beating Lenalee into the water. He is hearing her heartbeat getting weaker and weaker from water pressure. Allen in the Asian Branch woke up suddenly knowing that there is something wrong. Allen then stands up but soon slips saying that the Akuma must calm down because he cannot take that shape of his Cursed Eye any more. A flashback of a conversation between Allen and Lenalee has been shown. After the flashback and the advice Allen gave her a long time ago, Lenalee seems to get concious again showing her fist.