Vampire of the Castle (5) - Eliade

Chapter 35

Kojou no Kyuuketsuki 5 -Eriāde-
Chapter Information
Arc The Vampire of the Old Castle arc
Night 35
Volume The Emergency of the Generals
Chapter Guide
Vampire of the Castle (4) - The Hated One
Vampire of the Castle (6) - Return

Vampire of the Castle (5) - Eliade (孤城の吸血鬼⑤―エリアーデ― Kojou no Kyuuketsuki 5 -Eriāde-) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen and Krory continued the fight against each other,Allen deactivated his innocence and tried to explain their intention for being in the castle, and asked Krory if he is really a vampire. Krory bit him but Krory didn't like the taste of his blood and answered Allen's question and said that he will kill Allen. Allen and Krory continued the fight, later Allen was thrown to the wall of the castle making him unconscious for a while. Lavi woke up and attacked Krory and said that he'll bloody Krory up a bit before sitting down to walk. Meanwhile, Allen recently woke up and walked at the corridor.Allen touched something on the wall and a secret door opened, he tumbled upside down and noticed a different in shape shadow, while looking at the shadow the secret door suddenly closed. After looking again the shadow was gone, Eliade appeared at the back of Allen and smash him into the bookshelf. She said that she asked Krory to kill Allen, Allen noticed a wound on Eliade's shoulder and his innocence reacted. Eliade shows her evil side!! Is there no stopping the battle!?

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