At the moment i have been picking out what i feel is the most significant moments of the Manga each month and placing them in the featured section of the front page and this hasn't been an open point for all to decide.My reasons for this are:

DGM is a monthly manga so therefore the new content available for a monthly feature is limit to that months particular chapter.

The anime is not currently running so there is no competition between the mediums as far as new content is concerned.

I have made the assumption that the featured picture and quote should be of current events in the DGM universe.

In the spirit of fair play though i decided that I will hold an initial vote to see whether you are happy with the way things work or if you would like to have a vote for the featured pic/quote as other sites do. if you would like to have a vote we then need to decide on parameters. so please leave your vote and comments below.

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