So It was pretty nice to get back to what is going on around the rest of the world this week, the whole Alma thing is getting a little too emo for my taste and has almost overshadowed the most important event so far in DGM history - namely the awakening of Neah Walker, the 14th Noah. that should have been so massive it was like a blue whale in a paddling pool and instead seemed like a cliffnote on the howling crying destroy-a-thon which was the Alma/Kanda battle.

Nice to see General Sokalo, a personal favourite of mine, just getting fully stuck into hacking a former ally to pieces whilst telling Krory off for not joining in, made me laugh. i think i´m going to enjoy the dynamic between them since Krory is such a wall flower when not vamping out! :D

Also got to see the others briefly, looks like Lenalee kicked ass but then felt bad afterwards, and i wonder exactly what went on with Chaoji and where the hell have Bookman and Lavi gone to? that seems pretty ominous to me.

Also of course is this months big reveal - Howard Link - i couldn´t tell who he is holding but i´m going to assume it was Madarao who was previously seen about to eat him!! what is his deal? after being introduced as an annoying toff he just keeps getting cooler and his hair style keeps getting less stupid!! can´t wait for next month to see how everything all pans out. I´m really hoping for a bit more Noah action now that Alma has been dealt with.

On another note it seems like we might be about ready to expect another volume of the Manga soon. if anyone has info let me know.

As usual respect peoples opinions, don´t character bash and don´t leave crack theories if you´d like to discuss.

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