well i just finished off the non volume chapter summaries - feel free to check them out if you have a spare few minutes - and i realised i was at 999 edits so i thought i would make this blog for my grand!!

When i first got here there wasn't much of a community editing and there was a helluva lot of work to do - still is - but since then in a fairly short space of time we now have a structure taking place and a community of DGM fans growing here which is excellent to see. The main reason for me hitting this mark has been the chapters list which was non existant and the over haul of the Krory page, which now - in my own humble opinion - is the best looking character article on the site now ^.^ not that it's entirely finished but it is the only fully referenced article on here and i'm hugely proud of it! - Go team Krory!!!!!! :D

during my time here i must have re read the manga from start to finish about three times over now which occasionally makes me see in black and white and i now imagine my friends in chibi poses when angry or stressed lol!! still i need to get watching the anime so i can claim to be a true nut!!

anyways sorry if you actually spent time reading this as it's largely nonsense but i'd like to say a huge cheers to everyone in the community who has put up with me demanding references for everything and for completely obliterating the trivia sections on every article ^.^

if you feel inclined i would like to hear about how the rest of you guys stumbled across this wiki and how you think things are going.

peace out

Nick D

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