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    Vote of the month!!!

    January 15, 2013 by Lavi Hell

    Hello users that came to check out this blog! Well, before I tell you anything, you first need to know what's the post about....

    1. The post is about voting... (you must know that already...)
    2. The post is about chat...
    3. The post is about how to vote...
    4. The post is about how not to vote...

    First of all, you'll have to know how to vote or how not to vote. It's like a piece of cake! ;D

    First of all, you have to write "Vote-Support", then you'll need to high light the "Vote-Support" like this , next click the button.Vola! You have the "Vote-Support" bold! ( Vote-Support )

    That's easy! First of all, you'll have to write "NoneVote-Support", then, use all the derections from above. Vola! You have now made the "NoneVote-Support" bold! ( NoneVote-Support )

    Now, wr…

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