• BleedingInnocent

    Arystar Krory III- Dec. 1 (Tommorow)

    Oh this is day that I was waiting for its Kro-chan's B-Day oh I'll celebrate in FB!!!!!

    I also got plans for this day like celebrating my Friend's B-day and also posting a drawing in DeviantArt!!!!

    Jasdevi- Dec. 21

    Hmm this b-day, I cant say something about it.

    Allen /Walker- Dec. 25 (Christmas Day)

    Although that Dec. 25 is NOT really his B-day we still need to celebrate it because its our Main protagonist's Birthday!!

    Howard Link- Dec. 29

    Also like Jasdevi's B-day I still cant say something about it.

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  • BleedingInnocent


    If anyone doesn't watch D.Gray-Man but reading its Manga you can count on me. I will give you some links where you can watch D.Gray-Man Japanese dub(English-sub). Unlike youtube this links are full episodes estimating 22 mins. There are also English-dub BUT its only upto 53 episodes.

    Now I will give you the Links: (japanese-dub(english-sub)) works on any web browsers (japanese-dub(english-sub)) works on firefox only (english-dub) works on any web browsers upto episode 53 only

    If these links are helpful or not don't hesitate to comment it'll be okay to me! …

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