And I got D.Gray-Man Volumes 12-19~!! *dances* O, joyous day~!

First thing I did was skim them to see if there were any more character bios, and I was mildly disappointed because I didn't see any... And then I noticed some of the names I have been using are incorrect.

TT.TT Ry, Hoshino, ry?!

Crap... We can't depend on any translations anymore, can we? I mean, official translations like ones from Viz or other manga peeps are supposed to trump fan translations, but fan translations are the only ones that are consistent. Where is the happy grey area in that?

...Well... I'm not gonna keep complaining. The cleanup they did on the manga art is fantastic, even if the drawing style change Hoshino did between Chapters 186 and 187 is a bit of a letdown.

Regardless, I can't wait for Volume 20 to come out; soon as it does, I'm buyin' it. No matter how much it'll be marked up because it's new merchandise.

Merry Christmas, everyone~!


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