^.^' Another downside to these chapters being monthly; I've already forgotten to do a review. So I gotta do a twofer...

So, 209: Kanda saves Johnny from some creepy CROWs and joins him in his search for Allen (*snerk* Kanda doesn't even talk to Johnny and even he knew what Johnny was planning...).

210: Kanda and Johnny run around a few (amusingly named) brothels, getting schnookered (and, in Kanda's case, hit on... by men) and looking for anyone who's seen Allen, only to find him the next day.

Opinion: To tell you the truth, I could have gone a few more chapters without seeing Allen again in favor of seeing some of the other characters... Like... maybe... those eight other Exorcists? I get the fact that they're stuck with back-to-back missions right now, but seriously, every time we see them their panel time is interspersed with one-panel flashbacks of someone carrying around/teasing Allen.

Or maybe we could focus on Komui and the other members of the Science Division.

Or maybe someone in the Noah Family.

Hell, I'd even like a chapter or two more of Johnny and Kanda bonding/red-light touring time.

Not that I don't love Allen, but for the last three arcs we've been having an Allen and Kanda fiesta. I know a lot of people appreciate it (seriously, Hoshino draws two pages of focus on someone other than the Exorcists, like a Reever and the other Science Division members or something, and all of the forums light up with complaints about there not being more Kanda and Allen!), but you all are gonna buy the manga (if you even do... *disapproving glare*), sit down to read it, and three chapters in go "Oh my god, there's more aimless meanderings about these two!!"

Seriously, it only seems like it's the right amount right now because it's monthly. Once it's all compiled in front of you, you're gonna get sick of it.

Oh, well... maybe in the next chapter we'll flash back to the Order and find something interesting going on over there. Maybe another Komlin incident? Man, I miss those...

If any of you have any comments (does anyone even read these...?), keep 'em clean and don't throw in crack theories. You'll only start wars. (Well... not really, I guess; I don't think anyone comes around enough anymore for there to be any serious flame wars... Still, no crack.)

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