Urmina is a lover of Cross Marian and a maharaja's widow. An anime-only character, appearing in the episode My Master General Cross.

Appearance Edit

Urmina is a slender woman, with long brown hair, and purple eyes.

Plot Edit

Urmina + Cross

Urmina and Cross watching Mina's dance

She is a woman Cross and Allen met in India, who is the widow to the Maharajah. She became one of Cross' lovers at some point, and they were allowed to stay in the palace. Allen did various odd jobs around the mansion, and got to know Narain, while his master spent his time with Urmina. They were shown sitting and having wine together while the servants fanned them. They were also shown to enjoy Mina's dancing, who would perform for them on occasion.

Urmina + Cross-2

Trivia Edit

  • Urmina's design resembles Anita, somewhat. The hair being the difference.
  • Cross and Urmina were together for 6 months while he was in India.