Ur-Canpy (ウル·キャンピー, Uru Kyanpī) is a golem living in the Campbell Residence that just looks like a black Timcanpy. It accompanies Lucia.

Appearance Edit

Ur-Campy is extremely similar to Timcampy. Ur-campy is a small, black ball-like creature with four, stubby legs, a long tail that ends in a thick swirl, and two feathered wings.  He does, though, have a mouth, teeth and tongue, Still he doesn't have the Cross fleury of Timcampy on his face.

Personality Edit

The Golem displayed a cheerful disposition.

Plot Edit

Searching for Allen Walker arc Edit

Ur runs in direction of Katerina, preceding Lucia and starts to bite Katerina's cheeks. He then follows them to the mansion.

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