Unknown Phenomenon


Umi to Kumo Kara
Chapter Information
Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Arc Edo and Asian Branch Arc
Night 67
Volume Message
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From Sea and Clouds
The Sinking Darkness

Unknown Phenomenon (不明現象, Umi to Kumo Kara) is chapter 67 of the D.Gray-man manga written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

The battle against Eshi still continues while many of them uses their best strength seems not to work. Eshi then decided to sink the ship. Lenalee arrived and ask him what he had done to their ship, which the two starts fighting. It seems that Lenalee is on the winning lead, but Eshi soon turned the tables. Eshi then uses Gravity Chains to make Lenalee fall into the water. Eshi tells Lenalee that none of them will ever see the daylight again.