Two Paths and Thorns in Between (道と道 その間は棘, Michi to michi, sono aida wa ibara) is the eighty-

third chapter of D.Gray-man Manga Series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

For, lying on the ground resumes her true form. As Thread realizes his mistake Allen Walker notices the akuma's soul with his cursed eye. In the need of a challenge the akuma attacks. Allen avoids the attacks while Bak arrives to For's sides. Unfortunately Allen soon feels the effects of his weakened body, he stumbles and falls at the mercy of the akuma. Bak summons a rock hand to help him but this is no use, the opponent is too strong. He pierces both of them, For and him with one of his strings and prepares to give the final blow. Allen on his side thinks about his condition and begs the innocence. He comes to the conclusion that his right hand is for humans and his left one is for akumas. Upon these words a masked white entity appears and saves the asian branch members.

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Edo and Asian Branch Arc

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