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Character OutlineEdit



Character Information
Kana Name トマ
Romaji Name Toma
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Black Order (European Branch; Finders)
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Anime Debut Episode 3
Toma is a member of the Black Order, where he acts as a Finder, a regular human unit with no special powers who travels the world investigating unusual phenomena that could be linked to Innocence.

Appearance Edit

Toma is a man of unknown age with a largely unknown appearance, his entire body covered either by the long, tan jacket typical of Finders or by the bandages that hide most of his face. His appearance is so symmetrical that when his appearance was copied by a Level Two Akuma, Kanda couldn't tell the difference.[1]

Personality Edit

Toma is seen as being very polite and professional, referring to Allen Walker and Yu Kanda, as Exorcists who outrank him, as "sir". He is also seen as being sarcastic toward a naive Arystar Krory III.[2][3]

History Edit

Before the events where Kanda and Allen went to Mater, Toma was part of the original party who had searched for the Innocence, bringing the information he and his fellow Finders collected back to the Order to Exorcists could be dispatched.[4]

Plot Edit

Ghost of Mater arc Edit

Toma is first seen illegally boarding a train with Allen and Kanda as they set off for Martel to locate an Innocence.[5] After an attendant on the train catches them, Toma explains that they are from the Order and, with the help of the Rose Cross on Kanda's uniform, secures Allen and Kanda a first class cabin. Toma then explains to Allen that the Rose Cross on his uniform will grant him entryway to anywhere before introducing himself to the newly recruite Exorcist.[6]

When Allen and Kanda are in their cabin, reviewing the mission report, they realize something upon reading their information booklets. While they are stunned, Toma speaks up and confirms their suspicions, as he had seen what they had realized firsthand.[7]

When they arrive in Martel, Italy, Allen verbally confirms the situation: the Ghost of Martel, the suspected source of the Innocence, is a 500 year old doll that had been created by the original inhabitants of the now abandoned town.[8] As they arrive at the edge of the city, Allen and Kanda leave Toma behind to head in and save a group of Finders who are protecting the Innocence.[9]

Their group is further separated when Kanda and Allen part ways, Kanda to protect the doll and its companion and Allen to engage the Akuma. Toma contacts Kanda and informs him that he cannot see Allen but can see the Akuma chasing Allen's golem, Timcanpy, to which Kanda responds by telling Toma to get Timcanpy and bring him to him (Kanda), as they need his special abilites.[10] A short time later, Toma finds Kanda and presends him with the crushed remains of Timcanpy, who had been destroyed by the Akuma.

Timcanpy regenerates and uses a hologram projection to display the Akuma's special abilities to Kanda and Toma,[11] and when Kanda gets annoyed with Allen for allowing the Akuma to copy his appearance and abilities, Toma displays remorse, saying he should have stayed behind to look for Allen as they now won't be able to tell if the Allen they come across is the real Allen or the Akuma.[12]

As they talk, the "doll," Guzol, and his "companion," Lala, slip away, and just as Kanda realizes this, Toma sees "Allen" walk up behind them.[13] Toma notices that the visage of the "Allen" is a mirror image, and Kanda, assuming that the "Allen" is really the Akuma, unsheathes his Innocence, Mugen, and prepares to attack,[14] making the "Allen" tear up. Before Kanda's attack can land, the real Allen emerges from a duct in the wall and shields the "Allen," who calls out to him before collapsing.[15]

Kanda becomes shocked and angered, but Allen explains that, using his eye, he can tell that the "Allen" is not the Akuma. Allen then notices a tear in the "Allen's" skin and pulls at it, peeling its face off and revealing it to be Toma.[16] Behind Kanda, the face of the other "Toma" splits open and the "Toma" lashes out, punching Kanda through a wall before peeling its skin off and revealing itself to be the Akuma, who had attacked Toma earlier, put a copy of Allen's skin on Toma to make him look like Allen, then altered his apperaance to look like Toma and joined Kanda so it could find the Innocence.[17]

After Kanda is seriously wounded, Allen intervenes and throws the Akuma aside, then carries both Kanda and the real Toma to escape with them.[18] Hearing a song, Allen follows it until he finds Lala and Guzol, discovering that Lala was the real doll in the process.[19] When Lala attacks him, Allen has to momentarily abandon the unconscious Kanda and Toma to defend himself,[20] and after he has clamed Lala down, Toma regains consciousness and helps Allen tend to Kanda's wounds[21] while Lala explains her and Guzol's past.

When Kanda regains consciousness and demands that Allen tear Lala's heart out to recover the Innocence, he and Allen have a small altercation, but just as they settle their differences the Akuma arrives again and severely hurts Lala and Guzol while hiding in the sand, leaving Allen, Kanda and Toma to look around helplessly.[22] When Allen becomes enraged upon seeing the Akuma has ripped Lala's heart out, Toma observes in shock that Allen's Innocence his changing, Kanda explaining that the Innocence of parasite types change with their emotions.[23]

Toma watches in shock as Allen fights and is seemingly seriously injured by the Akuma,[24] and when Allen reaches his limits and Kanda steps in to save him, they both defeat the Akuma quickly.[25]

Three days later, after Allen and Kanda have recovered from their wounds, Toma is seen letting Kanda use his special backpack to place a call to Komui to report about the mission.[26] Toma then presents a doctor, indignant about Kanda forcefully releasing himself from the hospital's care, with a business card to bill them at before walking with Kanda out of the hospital as Kanda continues to talk to Komui about the mission.

When Toma and Allen arrive at the place where Allen is sitting, near where a broken Lala has been singing for a now dead Guzol for three days, Toma stands back while Kanda talks to Allen, and when Lala suddenly stops singing and Allen goes to her side, Toma stands back with Kanda as Allen listens to Lala's final words.[27]

As Kanda goes on ahead to another mission, Toma accompanies Allen back to the Order,[28] where, immediately upon their arrival, they are met with an unconscious Lenalee Lee, an injured Reever Wenhamm, and a strange story about one of Chief Officer Komui Lee's robots, a Komlin, going berserk after drinking a cup of coffee.[29] In this incident, Toma is last seen being thrown aside by an explosion caused by a giant cannon on the lift in the middle of the building.[30]

Rewinding Town arc Edit

Toma was on a mission investigating the town in Germany that was stuck in a time loop when Allen and Lenalee Lee arrive. He watches as the two enter through the barrier surrounding the town. Later, he witnesses Road Kamelot also enter the town through the Barrier.

After the time loop in the town ends, Miranda Lotto comes running out to find Toma and get help for a seriously injured Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee.

Sometime after these events, Toma tells Miranda not to tell people about Akuma, Innocence, The Black Order, or becoming an Exorcist.

The Vampire from the Old Castle arc Edit

Toma was present at Arystar Krory III's welcoming party.

Missions arc Edit

Toma is assigned as the Finder on Krory's first mission as an fully instated Exorcist to investigate a series of disappearances in a group of small villages. He is seen warning Krory about wild animals in the forest. Bookman and Lavi later show up to assist them.

Toma is later assigned to watch the frog shaped Akuma over night. He watches at it leaves its cabin and eventually the village. He witnesses as the Akuma lose control in the center of the village and as Krory eventually defeats it.

Toma is seen exiting the village with Bookman, Lavi, and Krory.

Sometime afterword, Toma is sent to go locate Miranda after she lost contact with her Finder. He has no luck. He then tells Lenalee about Miranda's situation.

Trivia Edit

Reference Edit

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