My services don't come cheap, Boss!

—Timothy to Komui after asking him to pay various expensive deficits

Timothy Hearst (ティモシー・ハースト, Timoshī Hāsuto) is a young Exorcist of the European Branch of the Black Order and the former "Phantom Thief G." He is the apprentice of general Klaud Nine making him part of the Nine Unit.



Timothy in his uniform[1]

Timothy is a boy of average weight and height.

He has a blue mullet-like (short hair at the front and sides and long at the back) haircut and brown eyes.[2][3] His hair was originally brown, but turned blue when he awakened Tsukikami. At the orphanage he wore rather normal clothing consisting of a large striped bandanna[4] (to cover his innocence), an orange baggy shirt, brown cropped pants, a blue choker around his neck and pointy slippers.[5][6]

His exorcist uniform is different from what older exorcists wear. Although the jacket isn't modified the rest of his uniform has been changed. He wears shorts, pads and roller-skates instead of regular clothing[7][8]

Timothy's spirit (when he ejects it out of his body) has his hair in the shape of cat ears.


Timothy acts like a boy his age should – he is immature, childish and hates studying.[9] It's easy to throw him off balance and when confronted with a problem he finds hard to deal with (in both physical and mental way) he either throws a tantrum[10] or starts to cry uncontrollably.[11][12][13][14]

He is also shown as having quite perverted ideas, mostly to do with groping women such as Emilia[15] or Lenalee.[16]

At first he seems to be arrogant and greedy, but it’s a false appearance. He really cares for people he loves or admires and tries to help them.[17] Unfortunately, his young age and lack of experience often cause him to be more of a hindrance than a help.[18]

Although not all of his actions are of pure, free will, after joining the Black Order he forces Komui Lee to pay for all the items he stole.

Personal Statistics Edit

Sophistication 1.5
Humanity 4
Combat Ability 3
Mental 4
Flexibility 3
Extra Statistics
Crying 5


Timothy father

Timothy and his father

Timothy was born and raised in Paris, his father a minor jewel thief who was chased by inspector Galmar (Emilia's father).[20]

During one heist, the fear of getting caught was so strong that his father forced young Timothy to swallow a stolen jewel.[21] However during a raid set up by Galmar his father was caught and imprisoned.[22]

Emilia tried to convince the inspector to adopt Timothy, but Galmar refused, feeling guilty for the commotion he made during the raid[23]

Instead, he decided to leave Timothy in Hearst Orphanage,[24] but not before consulting with a doctor about the jewel. It was revealed that it was impossible to remove the jewel from Timothy's forehead,[25] which made his hatred toward his father grow even more[26]

Two years after his arrival at the orphanage, Timothy discovered his ability to possess people.[27] He never used his power though, because he knew that there was no need[28] However, after discovering the orphanage's financial problems, he decided to use his ability to make money by resorting to theft.[29]


Phantom Thief G ArcEdit


Phantom Thief G's first appearance


When Thief G first appears, he leaps from a window and is immediately captured, despite claiming that he will never be caught.[30]

It is discovered that Thief G has been using innocent people in some way to commit his crimes,[31] including finders from the Black Order.[32]

Thief G's crimes take place at the Louvre in Paris, where he intends to steal an expensive crown. The exorcists lay in wait for him, and Yu Kanda immediately defeats him. The crown is handed to a police officer, who is then controlled by the phantom and turns into Thief G. When Allen and Link ambush the new Thief, he throws the crown, and possesses Link. The thief is able to use all of Link's abilities and weapons, and has excellent control over them.

Link G

Link possessed by Timothy.

The thief laughs at the officer who was reprimanded as G, Allen's accusations angers the thief who fights back, but is, again, easily defeated. He is pierced by Allen's sword and threw a tantrum, sobbing uncontrollably. He leaves Link's body, and is tracked down to the orphanage by Noise Marie, to whom his cries are easily recognizable.

Timothy at the OrphanageEdit

IMG 1264

Timothy before his hair turn blue

Timothy is shown for the second time (the first time being his perverted attack on Emilia[33]) at the orphanage.[34] Emilia tries to make him study, and he retaliates by running, then grabbing her chest. She kicks him through the door into Allen Walker, whom he possesses. Walker's 'odd behaviour' alert the rest of the group, the truth is revealed and Timothy is caught red-handed.[35]

As Mother Superior tells the Exorcists about Timothy's past,[36] which confirms their supposition of boy being a Innocence's user,[37] the skulls erect a barrier around the orphanage and sends Level 4 Akuma.[38]

Fighting the AkumaEdit

While Allen, Kanda, and Marie fight the Level 4 Akuma, Timothy and Link meet two Level 2 Akuma, and one Level 3 Akuma, who have been turning the humans to dolls and hunting down the innocence. Mother Superior is turned into a doll by the Level 2, and Emilia is shot by one of the nuns who work at the orphanage, but secretly helps the Earl. The broker is turned into a doll, and the Level 2 captures Timothy. Link tries to seal the level 2, but is ambushed by more Akuma, and is turned into a doll as well.

Tsukikami possession

Divine Possession as the monster that swallows Akuma.

When Emilia tries to free Timothy and the Akuma approach her, Timothy takes control of the Level 2 Akuma that has turned humans into doll, releasing and activating "Divine Possession" for the first time. His innocence takes a human form, and helps teach Timothy how to fight, and he defeats the other Level 2 Akuma. When he attempts to fight the level 3, he fails, so he attempts to possess the Level 3 instead. Again, he fails, since his innocence isn't developed to that level yet. When he goes back to possess the Level 2, he finds that it has been purified and disappeared. He flees back to his body, and is saved by Link, is was able to move after Timothy purified the Level 2 Akuma. Link's body starts to crack, but his innocence tells Timothy that he can't help Link by possessing him. The Level 3 goes to defeat Link, but a member of CROW comes in and absorbs the Akuma.

Studying Hallow

Timothy with his tutor Emilia Galmar and master Klaud Nine

The Level 4 Akuma is defeated by Allen and Kanda, and Timothy is rescued. He shares a few last touching moments with Mother Superior,[39][40] then joins the Black Order as an exorcist with Emilia who pledges to help in any way she can.[41][42]

Timothy has become the new apprentice of Klaud Nine, much to the disappointment of Froi Tiedoll.[43] Later that day is seen being tutored by Emilia - while their progress is supervised by Klaud Nine much to Timothy's dismay.Timothy quickly got along with everyone upon joining the order. [44]

Artificial Exorcists ArcEdit

He is last seen in Greece along side Klaud Nine, Lenalee Lee and Goushi.[45] In the anime, he tries to protect Lenalee from the maddened Goushi after his transformation, but is defeated and knocked out.

Seeds Of Destruction arc Edit

[46] After coming back to the Black Order headquarters he's seen as he attended the feast - along side with other Exorcists and Science division - prepared by Jerry.[47] During the meal Tsukikami voiced out his confusion toward passing by Cardinal - but the Innocence wasn't sure about the feeling.[48]

After Allen's escape Timothy takes part in the raid set to capture him. But he, along with the rest of the Exorcists, is stopped by Tewaku. In the anime, he notices the swarm of Akuma meant to hold them off and fights alongside the others against them using his Innocence. When the Thirds (Madarao, Tokusa and Tewaku) broke through Miranda's defense, Timothy manages to shield her from the Flame Feather spells with his own body. Then, the Thirds confront them directly with even more Akuma, and Timothy is shocked by the Thirds' capability to absorb the attack even of his master Klaud Nine. Timothy then is seen within the barrier of Miranda's Time Out while Klaud, Sokaro and Krory continue to fend off the enemies, but soon enough hurries up to help Marie when he joins the battle.[49]

Searching for A.W. Arc Edit

Three months after the event, Timothy still serve the Order under Klaud Nine command. When the woman brings half-conscious boy to the hospital ward, after catching cold in Bilbao, he is shown to share the same sadness as others when Walker is mentioned. After losing his thirtieth chess game against Komui Lee, the latter offered him what he believed was his own Timcanpy to solace him but this was actually ...a Kom-Canpy...[50]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Tsukikami (憑神 (ツキガミ), Tsukigami, Divine Possession): Timothy's Innocence, a Parasitic type,[51] is centered in the jewel in his forehead. It allows him to take control over other people.[52]

  • Innocencification: Though a process called "Innocencification," Timothy can eject his spirit from his body and possess the bodies of Akuma. In order to do this, he has to first leave his body through the gem on his forehead,[53] forcibly eject an Akuma's spirit from its body and then take the Akuma's spirit's place.[54] Then, Tsukikami's "Second" devours the spirit of the Akuma.[55] While possessing an Akuma, he can use any of the abilities that were inherent to that Akuma's body.[56] Once Timothy leaves the body of an Akuma he has possessed, Tsukikami purifies it and it turns to ash.[57]
    • At his current level, Timothy can only possess Level 1 and Level 2 Akuma, though as he gains experience with each invocation of Tsukikami, he will eventually be able to possess more highly-leveled specimens.[58]
  • Tsukikami's "Second": A secondary being that came into existence when Timothy first properly possessed an Akuma, it acts as his guide, explaining the parameters of his Innocence to him and chastising him when he makes mistakes.[59][60][61] Only Timothy can see and hear him.[62] Tsukikami can also possess Timothy's main body whenever he is not occupying it.[63]

Tsukikami (Being)Edit

Timothy and tsukikami color

Timothy and his Innocence - Tsukikami

Tsukikami's current form is based on an adult version of Timothy's own body, something Tsukikami has confirmed he purposefully did for the sake of convenient communication.[64]

Tsukikami has a ghost-like shape of a tall man in the mid-twenties. He has the same haircut as his host – Timothy, but purple colored, pointy ears and white skin with navy-green markings: cross on the forehead (with the vertical line ending on the bridge of his nose), characteristic markings under the eyes and marked upper lip. His nails have the same color.[65]

Tsukikami wears loose white kimono (with Japanese character in the front) fastened with stripped purple obi and blue-white thick rope. His pants have blue and white checker pattern. Tsukikami is barefoot.


Tsukikami is a first Innocence shown with a developed personality and identifiable gender. He can verbally communicate with either his accommodator[66] or with others via his accommodator.[67]

Although his accommodator is his "master," he and Timothy treat each-other rather familiarly.

Major Battles Edit

The purple is for anime only fights
  • Timothy (in Link's body) VS Allen Walker and Kanda Yu
  • Timothy VS Level 2 Akuma
  • Timothy VS Level 3 Akuma
  • Timothy Hearst VS Goushi
  • Timothy Hearst VS Level 2 Akumas

Relationships Edit

Unnamed Father: Timothy strongly resents his father for forcing him to swallow a jewel, which subsequently made his life worse by altering his forehead.

Inspector GalmarGalmar has known Timothy since he arrested his father. Despite Emilia's wish for him to adopt Timothy, he could not bring himself to do so because he believed Timothy was resentful toward him. Nevertheless Galmar grew fond of the boy and frequently visited him at the orphanage. Timothy seems to enjoy teasing and making Galmar angry but he also cares for him.

Mother SuperiorShe is the surrogate mother of all the orphans in Hearst Orphanage. She loves all of them like they are her real children and the children love her in return. Timothy was entrusted to them when he was very young and he found a real family in the orphanage, which was something he never had. She is seen trying to sooth Timothy who is insecure with his forehead, convincing him that "he'll be alright if he washes his face". With that, Timothy was able to live rather peacefully despite his distinctive feature and self consciousness. Timothy decided to commit thefts to help Mother Superior and the other children but he did not tell them, either because he feared they would be disappointed in him or because he was scared of their reaction. He also failed to tell them about his newly awakened ability to posses people. When Mother Superior was turned into a doll, Timothy became extremely worried and he was intensely relieved to the point of crying loudly when the effects of the ability wore off. When Timothy had to leave to become an exorcist, they shared an emotional farewell.

Emilia GalmarEmilia has known Timothy since her father captured Timothy's. She saw a little brother in him and asked her father to adopt him. However the inspector could not bring himself to do so due to his own fears. However, this did not stop Emilia from regularly visiting Timothy in the orphanage and helping him study. The boy enjoys teasing Emilia and making her angry, notably by skipping her classes and grabbing her chest. In spite of his shenanigans, Timothy really cares for Emilia. When she was almost killed by an Akuma, the terror at the thought of losing her allowed Timothy to properly synchronize with his Innocence and to posses an Akuma, which is proof of their really strong bond. Emilia's affection for Timothy led her to leave Paris and her father to join him at the Black Order.

Allen Walker :

Timcanpy :

Lavi :

Lenalee Lee :

Yu Kanda :


Timothys possiesion japanese

Timothy explains abilities of his Innocence[68]

  • Allen is seen wearing the Thief G attire on a chapter cover[69] even though he is never fully controlled by Timothy. However, he was accidentally possessed by Timothy after Emilia kicked him onto Allen.[70]
  • Timothy explains, after asked by Allen and Lavi if he can possess Kanda, that he can only possess people who are off their guard. He demonstrates this, to Komui's annoyance, on Lenalee by squeezing her breasts.[71]
  • It's stated that Tsukikami has a different, heavier, accent than Timothy.[72]
  • Timothy is the second shortest known human character whose height has been revealed. (behind Lucia)
  • "Hearst" is actually the name of his orphanage. Exorcists need to have a last name so he chose it. His original last name is unknown.
  • Timothy burst into tears when he first saw Krory thinking he was a vampire. But now he thinks he is very cool. [44]
  • Timothy's hobbies include teasing Emilia, prancing the Science Division members. He dislikes studying and weakness[19].
  • Since Tsukikami is only visible to Timothy, there are few people who believe that he is real.[19]


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