Tiedoll Unit is the Exorcist unit of General Froi Tiedoll. Froi seems very inclined to take new apprentices. As a consequence most of his unit members have been personnaly trained by him. Tiedoll has an habit to walk the Earl with his apprentices for a year.

Members Edit

  • Froi Tiedoll - Leader
  • Noise Marie : Marie apparently has been the apprentice of Tiedoll a long time a ago. He was presumably already in the unit 9 years ago when he had his head injury.
  • Yu Kanda : Kanda traveled with the general for one year after the Second Exorcist Laboratory Incident. He then was sent to the European Branch to become an exorcist.
  • Daisya Barry : Daisya was found to be an accomodator by the general himself in his hometown of Bodrum. He convinced him to become an exorcist and the boy subsequently became his apprentice.
  • Chaozii Han : An Accomodator for one of the innocences carried by the general Tiedoll, Chaozii became Tiedoll's apprentice after the events of the Noah's Ark.

History Edit

It is unknown when Noise Marie became Tiedoll apprentice but he became at least as soon as Kanda. Tiedoll. After the massacre of the laboratory in charge with the Second Exorcist Program, Kanda became Tiedoll's apprentice and they traveled around the world before Kanda was sent to the headquarters. Some time later, Tiedoll found a new accomodator in Bodrum, Turkey: Daisya Barry. He convinced the boy to follow him and formed him too to be an exorcist.

When the Noah Family began their general hunting, Daisya, Kanda and Marie were sent to find their general and bring him back to the headquarters. Before they find him, Daisya unfortunately met Tyki Mikk and was brutally murdered. The two remaining exorcists found their general just afterwars and brought him the bad news. Froi Tiedoll however refused to return to the headquarters and chose to go on his way to find new exorcists. His apprenticed decided to follow him.

They made they way to Japan while being stalked by Skinn Bolic who constantly send them hords of akumas they had to destroy. In Edo, they joined Marian Unit in their fight against Akumas and the Noah Family. Kanda was sucked in the ark with Marian unit while Tiedoll and Marie faced the giant akumas outside. Before the ark disappeared, one of the innocence carried by general Tiedoll flew to a new accomodator inside the ark: Chaozii Han. The latter joined Tiedoll unit after they all returned to the headquarters.

During the battle of the European Branch, Kanda Yuu's body was shattered to piece and he was transported with his friend to an unknown place by Allen Walker. The Order presumed him dead but he returned three months later before going and search for Allen Walker. He was found by general Tiedoll in a street who proposed him to become a general himself.

Navivation Edit

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