The Villain Laughs (悪役は笑い出す , Akuyaku wa Waraidasu) is the eighty eighth chapter of the D.Gray-

man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

Tyki Mikk congratulates his lord with an impressed look for ransacking Edo. The earl coughs after his feat as Tyki tries to see if the exorcists survived. Yu Kanda stands a knee on the ground . Noise Marie is alive too but he remark that the heartbeats of the others are very weak. Krory and Bookman are unconcious. Anita's crew members have been protected by Miranda. Lavi in a daze suddenly hears the voice of Lenalee. She is trapped in a crystal formed by her innocence anew. She calls her friends but the Earl noticies the strange phenomenon and decides to go after her. Kanda and Lavi go to help her but they are respectively stopped by Tyki Mikk and Skinn Bolic. General Tiedoll summons a giant with his innocence that tackles the giant akuma. Lenalee is reached by the villain and hurls in fear. The Earl is suddenly stopped by a white glove.

After biding good evening to each others, His owner reveals himself facing the earl: Allen Walker!

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