The Vampire of the Ancient Castle (古城の吸血鬼, Kojō no Kyūketsuki) is the nineteenth episode of the first season anime adaptation of Katsura Hoshino's D.Gray-man manga series. It first aired on February 13, 2007.

Summary Edit

In a castle at night a blonde woman is looking through the window. A tall man behind her asks what is the matter and she answers someone has unusually come to town. She is worried they come and bother them. He asks if noone will come and she reassure him that yes, noone will ever come. The man opens his mounth and bite her neck.

Allen Walker gets off the train and remembers Komui saying there are no way of contacting Cross and Allen wonders if he can be in a place like this. He goes in reconnaissance and meets an old man. Allen introduces himself and the man noticies his exorcists cross and suddenly flees. After a moment Allen sees the man come back with a crowd of pitchwork-wielding villagers. They catch him and he ends up tied up on a chair. The old man is called George and is the mayor of the village as well as a bento merchant. He explains that a vampire named baron Krory has existed here for a long time. Allen denies the existence of vampires but seeing the man's ennoyed look he tells him to resume. Krory used to stay in the castle and the villagers had no problems with him until one night when an old lady was blood drained by the vampire. In the following months, he killed 8 other villagers. The villagers are not decided to confront Krory today.

They suddenly kneel before Allen as they were predicted that a black clergyman would come and kill Krory for them. Allen replies that he came to this village to look for a person. He unties himself and shows them the drawing of Cross Marian in his wallet. The mayor recognizes Cross and says Allen is indeed the person they have been waiting for. Just before Krory became violent, Cross came to the village and visited the castle. He returned 3 days later and told the bento merchant to asks for help of someone with the same uniform as him if Krory starts acting strange. As they all greet Allen, someone observes hidden behind the door.

They offer him a room for the night and Allen soon lies, thinking of the situation.A man sneaks in the room and shoots Allen after transforming in a level 1 akuma. Standing behind the akuma, Allen reveals that he had forseen this thanks to his cursed eye and had replaced himself with a bag. He promptly destroys the akuma but two others show up. He searchs for an open area to fight properly but he is hit in the eye by a bubble that renders it unusable. The bubbles are burst by Lavi and Bookman who arrive to save Allen. The two akumas escape while the exorcists have to rescue a man trapped in the rubble.

Morning, the mayor is rejoiced to now have 3 exorcists to help them, stating the akumas and vampires are the same. Bookman examinate Allen's wounded eye and noticed there is moisture in it. Allen will be able to see after a while. Bookman tells that he is worried about the akuma attack so he'll stay here and he tells Allen and Lavi to go to the castle. On the way to the castle, Lavi says that if they get bitten by the vampire they might turn into one. The villagers followed them armed with antivampire stuff. The mayor tells them to stop for they are before the gate to Krory castle. Beyond this gate is the lair of the vampire, his garden and castle. They go forward and admire the demonic bad-tasted statues. Allen takes off his gloves and Lavi asks if he's scared, while he himself is tighyl holding his hammer. They feel something and shiver as something approaches...

It fast runs in their direction and the villagers ask what's wrong. They shush them as the thing passes just next to them in an instant. They smell a sweet scent and a villager screams. One of the villagers has been caught by the vampire. Arystar Krory III stands in front of them with the neck of the villager between his fangs as Allen and Lavi concludes in horror that he is not an akuma but a true vampire.

Episode Notes Edit

  • Due to the filler episodes preceding this episode, Allen's eye that had been wounded by Road is already cured unlike in the manga. They fixed this by having Eliade shoot Allen's eye in the inn to render it useless again, as the plot requires.
  • Bookman is present in the episode unlike his manga counterpart. Still he stays in the village at the end while Lavi and Allen head to the castle.

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