The Rouge Stage (ルージュの舞台 Rūju no butai) is the eleventh volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.

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The remaining Exorcists walk into another room, and encounter the Noah twins Jasdero and David. After taunting Allen by expressing their desire to kill Cross, they steal the key Tyki gave him and use illusions to obscure the key and themselves. As Lavi looks for the key, Allen and Krory try to find their opponents. After the two succeed in finding Jasdero and David, Lavi finds the key and the illusions disappear. Rebuked, the Noah combine in form called "Jasdevi" to increase their strength. Krory tells the group to move on and battles Jasdevi alone. As Krory's strength and supply of Akuma blood dwindles, he is overpowered by the Noah and locked in an iron maiden.

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