The Rewinding Town


Makimodoshi no Machi
Episode Information
Air Date November 28, 2006
Arc Rewinding Town Arc
Episode 9
Opening Song Innocent Sorrow
Ending Song Snow Kiss
Episode Guide
The Black Order Annihilation Incident (Episode)
The Bad Luck Woman's Innocence

The Rewinding Town (巻き戻しの街 Makimodoshi no Machi) is the ninth episode of the series D.Gray-man written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen and Lenalee are sent to investigate a town where the day of October 28 keeps repeating itself. Once there, they meet a woman named Miranda Lotto and thus learn of her significance to the strange phemonenon of the town. The Millennium Earl announces to his family, the Noah Clan, that it is time for them to head out and continue their mission, thus leading one of the Noah, the young spiky haired girl Road Kamelot, to investigate the Rewinding Town.

Synopsis Edit

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