The Pentacle

Chapter 3

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The Pentacle (ペンタクル, Pentakuru) is chapter 3 of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

Allen explains Jan that it isn't his friend Leo who's standing there buy a weapon that is using Leo's body named a "Akuma". The Earl of Millennium ask Allen who he is, which Allen greets him saying that he is his enemy. The Earl sees that Allen is a exorcist. Allen then tries to purify Leo but his attack but stopped by Jan protecting Leo. Jan then tells Allen about the times he has with Leo, which also gave Leo enough time to transform into an akuma and is trying to kill Jan. Allen jumps in protecting Jan which he got shot. The Earl is talking about Jan saying that he is a weakling and yet talking about Justice. Allen then says that he can see Leo's mother suffering as a Akuma which he also nullify the poison within him. After Allen was saying that he lost someone important a long time ago and that he got cursed, The Earl remembered him. In the past, The Earl promised to revive Mana Walker which he revived as a akuma and gave Allen the cursed eye. It was also the first time Allen's innocence has been awaken which purify Mana. It was also his first meeting with Cross Marian seeing that he has been born with a anti-akuma weapon and asked him to become a exorcist. Allen explains that ever since he destroyed Mana, he can see the soul within a Akuma, which he explains that he though that it was a punishment, but it was to see that they don't cry to express sorrow, but cry to express love for those who made them a Akuma. Telling the Earl that Akuma's are sad beings, which The Earl of Millennium ended with saying that he had to kill him a long time ago

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Allen Walker (flashback)
  2. Leo's mother (akuma)
  3. Jan
  4. Millennium Earl
  5. Allen Walker
  6. Millennium Earl (flashback)
  7. Mana Walker (flashback)

Quotes Edit

  • (Allen to The Earl of Millennium) "Greetings Earl. I'm your nemesis"
  • (Jan to Allen) "Wh...why? What makes you think Leo is an akuma? He's my best friend! We started the Akuma patrol together. We swore we'd work hand in hand to protect the city...there's no way he's an Akuma! PROVE IT!"
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Jan) "How do you feel, Jan? You irritate me. You have no power...yet you have a strong sense of justice. Always calling me the bad guy. I created the Akuma with everyone's best interest at heart."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen) "I remember you! We met a long time ago! You're Allen Walker! You're that kid who turned his own father into an Akuma!!"
  • (Mana Walker to Allen) "Allen...How dare you...turn me into an Akuma...? Allen how could you do this?! I curse you! I curse you Allen Walker!"
  • (Allen to Mana Walker) "Mana...?! Stop! Leave Mana alone! RUN...RUN, FATHER!!"
  • (Mana Walker to Allen) "Allen...I...Love you...please destroy me."
  • (Cross Marian to Allen) "There is no other way to save such a soul except to exorcise it. You are a human with an anti-akuma weapon within you...such a mercurial destiny...yet another soldier of life doomed by fate. Do you wish to become a exorcist?"
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen) "Oh, Allen... should have killed you back then."

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