The Leaf of Revival


Fukkatsu no Ha
Episode Information
Air Date Janruary 09, 2007
Arc Leaves of Rebirth arc
Episode 14
Opening Song Innocent Sorrow
Ending Song Snow Kiss
Episode Guide
With the Coat
The End of the Snowstorm

The Leaf of Revival (復活の葉 Fukkatsu no Ha) is the fourteenth episode of the series D.Gray-man written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen, Lavi and Kanda are sent to investigate a mysterious rapid snowstorm, which could be due to Innocence. Here they meet a young girl and her father, who is obsessed with finding something called The Leaf of Revival to bring back his dead son.

Synopsis Edit


  • "Are You Asleep? How boring!" (Lavi says to Allen)
  • "You should go make a snowman with that idiot Lavi bean sprout." (Kanda says to Allen)
  • "The words "Dead on my feet" come to mind." (Lavi)
  • "The Leaves of Rebirth are fallen leaves with mysterious powers, appearing in a Scandinavian legend. The hero, Sigmund, is said to have found them. They are said to be able to revive anyone who dies without having lived out the course of their lives, like someone who was murdered, or died in an accident. Thus the 'rebirth'." (Book-man says to Lavi)
  • "Those things are nice!" (Lavi says to Allen)
  • "It's just no fun without Lero! I'm so bored! Tyki, do Lero's voice!! ... He's saying he wants to play! ...Play! Play! Play!" (Road Kamelot says to Tyki Mikk)
  • "That stifling wind turned to another snowstorm" (Allen Says to Lavi)
  • "You really are well Perpared. I guess we'll have to snuggle up for warth, then!" (Lavi says to Allen)
  • "I don't really think the Leaves of Rebirth exist, but it's the only thing keeping my father going.

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