The Final Bell Has Yet to Toll (閉幕ベルはまだ鳴らない , Heimaku Beru wa Mada Naranai) is the ninetieth chapter of D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

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Lenalee is absorbed by the Noah's Ark. Before she completely disappears, Allen grabs her hand but he is attracted by the ark with her. In turn, Lavi , Chaozii Han, Yu Kanda and Arystar Krory grab each others and are all transported into the Ark. Tiedoll and the remaining Exorcists are left behind in shock. They don't have time to resume their minds as they see a huge cube in the sky above them: The Ark of Noah. Bookman mutters a inaudible language and announces that five exorcists have disappears.

The 5 land inside the Ark and they discover that they have been trapped here by Lero. They threaten him into getting them out but Lero respons that there is no way out., the ark just stopped to work and is going to be erased with them. A baloon of the earl gets ou of him and claims that the ark is being destroyed in the same time the data are uploaded to the new ark. The Ark will eventually disappear in the void and they will as well. He concludes saying she had good friends who follow her in the death and telling not to worry as there will be noone left to mourn them.

As a matter of fact, a horde of giants akumas head to the exorcists still in Edo. Bookman is worried about the kids in the Ark and one shard of Innocence that Tiedoll has flies in the direction of his newfound accomodator. The General then prepares to fight. Allen and Lavi destroy the houses in the ark's village hoping to find an exist given that Allen arrived by one of them. They soon realize that there is none. Suddenly they hear a voice saying ":There is a way out" as a hand holding a key appears behind Allen.

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