The Boy Who Hunts Akuma

Episode 1

Akuma o Karu Shonen
Episode Information
Air Date October 3, 2006
Arc Introduction Arc
Episode 1
Opening Song Innocent Sorrow
Ending Song Snow Kiss
Episode Guide
The Black Order

The Boy Who Hunts Akuma (アクマを狩る少年 Akuma o Karu Shonen) is the first episode of the anime adaptation of Katsura Hoshino's D.Gray-man manga series. It first aired on October 3, 2006.

Summary Edit

Allen Walker and his golem, Timcanpy have recently arrived in London, planning to visit the Black Order Headquarters. Meanwhile, Officers Moore and Chales are investigating a supposedly haunted church. While searching this abandoned building, Moore and Chales are separated due to Allen's "kidnapping" of Moa. After he is handcuffed to a chair, Allen tries to explain his situation to Moa when Charles is suddenly killed. Since Moa was unconscious due to the attack, Allen is suspected of Chales's death. Allen attempts to tell the chief that an akuma killed Charles and that he would like to help. However, due to the disbelief of the chief, Allen is placed under house arrest while the rest of the police unit investigate the church themselves. During his stay at Moa's home, Allen explains to Moa about akuma and later on, he meets Moa's brother-in-law, Marc, who is the akuma that killed Charles and countless others who visited the church. Upon investigating, Allen finds out that Moa's sister, Claire, is the soul entrapped in the akuma. The akuma later kills the police units excluding Moa and later, Allen destroys it by using his anti-akuma weapon.


Moore is going to investigate the place

Moor head inside

Allen arrived at London. He then calls Timcanpy when he is sitting in a vehicle. After that Timcanpy arrived on Allen's head, some circus artist then gives him some food. Allen then accepts, which that one of the artists ask if he's a traveler. He then responses that he's visiting the exorcist headquarters. At some unknown place, an unknown woman then recalling about that peoples are disappeared on some place.
Heading Inside the Church

Entering the church

Chales then tries to stop her not to go in there, but she said that the peoples are been complaining about it. She then tells that it is just a rumor that some idiot has started and step inside. After that they entered the cursed church, she then is wondering if travelers really are staying in a place like this.
Moore been taken

Moore has been taken

She then hears Chales screaming and says that something is on his leg. She then grabs that thing which contains to be a cat. Bats then appeared which Chales is screaming. Moor is then trying to escape from the bats but something grabbed her and where been in the bats.
Chales has then been leaved alone, which that the bats are going to an unknown room, which that the door automatically closed. It contains to be Allen saying that he finally got him. He is then surprised after seeing that it was just a human. Moor then puts her handcuffs on Allen's hand.

Moor interrogates Allen

Moor then ask who he is, Allen then apologize to her and explained that he got carried away which he didn't noticed it. He then explains that he tried to capture that cat and say that he is just a traveler. Moor probably told Allen the story but she tied him to the chair. Allen then explains that it is his first day at the town, and says that the cast was eating something dear to him when he was just passing by. Moor seems not to believe him which that Allen says that it is something he obtained from his master and he cannot effort to lose it. Moor then asked where his master is right now, Allen then tells her that he is missed in India.
Charles Death

Chales death

Moor then says that Allen must wait there while she's going to search for her partner. After that the cat has been sensed something, they're then hearing a scream that comes from Chales. Moor then heads downstairs where she sees Chales been hanging up a pole. She's then in shock after seeing some stars appearing on his face and then he explodes which he is gone.
Moore then is in shock and where been feeling something through her throat. Allen then covers her mouth saying that the gas is poisonous. Allen then explains that Chales has been killed by an Akuma which more falls down unconscious.
Moore wakes Up

Moore wakes up

Moor then wakes up at the police station which she is wondering where she is right now. An partner of her then grabs her arm and knock on the door telling that Moore has been awakened. Moore then tries to tell that Charles is death but they know the situation already. They then tell her that they are questioning the suspect which contains to be Allen. The inspector is then interrogating Allen. Moor then says that Allen was with her all the time when the event happened. One of the employees then says that there was a large bullet hole at the scene which he believes that it can only be fired from a canon, which only Allen had a cat and a small suitcase with him. The Inspector then ask Moor when she felt consciousness, which Moore apologize. The Inspector is disappointed at Moore, because she was there on the crime scene but didn't see the who the culprit is. Allen then says that he knows who the culprit is, but says also that he didn't see the culprit but knows about it.

Allen tells them that he's an Exorcist

Allen then is asking them to help them with their investigation, he then explains that it is the work of the Akumas, which he explains what it is. He then tells them that he is an Exorcist and show his hand and his left eye starts to glow. The Inspector then ask him what he's on, which he later tells Allen that he's free to go, but tells Moor that she must take Allen to her place and watch at him.
Allen Look Outside

Allen looks at the church

The police are then at the crime scene, which citizens are been talking about what has happened at the church.
The Earl and Lero where been seen walking, which that they where been going to a man's place which that the Earl is checking to how his precious Akuma is doing. After that The Earl heard someone's voice, he disappeared behind his Akuma. It is Moor which she is telling her brother to eat, which he responds that he will eat soon. Moore heard something in the hallway, which contains to be Allen tripped down on the floor, which Moor knows that he's going back at church which Allen then ask her if he can only look for a bit, which Moor says that he can't.
Marc enters the Room

Marc enters Moor's room

Later on Moor's room, Allen looks straight to the church which he hopes that the inspector is OK. Moor then ask Allen if he really thinks that the culprit is an Akuma, but Allen didn't pay attention. Moor then says that Akumas are just flights of fancy thought up by their ancestors in their fear of sickness and misfortune. Moor then says straight that she doesn't believe in curse and the like, which she dislikes that. Allen then says that the Akuma's what he's talking about are a little bit different. Allen then says that the Akumas are weapons which that they are in fact virulent weapons created to destroy humanity which saying that it is the true nature of an demon. Allen explains further that they are usually taking the form of human beings.
Cat is Death

The Cat has been Shot

Marc then enters the room, which shocks Allen and Moor. Marc then starts to trip which that Allen activates his Cursed Eye and sees that inside Marc's body and Akuma lays. Marc then starts to evolve into an Akuma, which Moor is shock asking what it is. When the Akuma is prepared to attack, Allen then runs which the Akuma shoots them to the church. Allen then ask Moor if she's OK. Which Moor ask where they are. Allen then tells that they are in the church which Moor sees that Allen has caught the bullet. Moor tries to touch it, but Allen then warns her not to do it because it has viral gaseous agent inside it which that the akumas convert their own bodies to make those shells.
Allen explains

Allen explain

Allen then explains what will happen if you get shot, which that happens to the cat. Moor then ask Allen what has happened to Marc, Allen then explains that the Akumas uses a human's death body to infiltrate society, which Allen says that it wasn't Marc who attacked them, it was a demon who is now living in his body.
Moor then hears that the Akuma is coming, which that the police officers and the Inspector are arriving. They're then start to shoot at the Akuma which Allen then says that it won't help.
Claire, Moor and Marc

Claire, Moor and Marc

The Akuma then starts to shoots them, which all of them has been disappeared. Moor became furious saying that the thing is a monster. Allen then says that they are programmed to do such things. Moor then claims that it is a killer machine. Allen then says that the soul that live within the human body is controlled by his creator and that they require the soul of someone who lost faith in life and hates reality. Allen the says that the soul who is inside the humans body is no doubt a person who was very close to Marc. Later then a flashback of Moor has been seen, seeing the death of her sister Claire.
Marc gets killed

Clair gets inside's Marc's body

She was against Moor becoming a police officer, because she wants to find out who kill their mother and father. After a encouraging word from Marc, they're then continuing their marriage which that from a sudden the chandelier is falling. Claire then pushes Marc away, which later Marc where been crying in sorrow. He then meets with the Earl promising to give him Clair back, which he gives him a advice. Marc accepts it but gets killed by Clair after an order from Earl. Moor is then in a deep shock that the akuma is Clair. Allen the starts to attack the Akuma to free Clair from the Akuma body. It succeeded, which that Clair thanks Allen. Later Allen and Moore where been talking with each other about Marc and Claire, which that Timcanpy comes away under Allen's jacket, saying that they are leaving.

Character AppearanceEdit

*Note: Bold = First Appearance

Credits Edit

Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji English Japanese Rōmaji
Allen Walker アレン・ウォーカー Aren Wōkā Sanae Kobayashi 小林 沙苗 Kobayashi Sanae
Moor Hesse モア・ヘッセ Moa Hesse Satsuki Yukino 雪野 五月 Yukino Satsuki
The Earl of Millennium 千年伯爵 Sennen Hakushaku Junpei Takiguchi 滝口 順平 Takiguchi Junpei
Marc マーク Māku Tokuyoshi Kawashima 川島 得愛 Kawashima Tokuyoshi
Claire クレア Kurea Yuri Amano 天野 由梨 Amano Yuri
Lero レロ Rero Shizuka Itō 伊藤 静 Itō Shizuka
Lieutenant 警部 Keibu Keiichi Sonobe 園部 啓一 Sonobe Keiichi

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