The Black Order (Episode)

Episode 2

Kuro no Kyōdan
Episode Information
Air Date October 10, 2006
Arc Introduction Arc
Episode 2
Opening Song Innocent Sorrow
Ending Song Snow Kiss
Episode Guide
The Boy Who Hunts Akuma
The Ghost of Mater

The Black Order (黒の教団 Kuro no Kyōdan) is the second episode of the anime adaptation of Katsura Hoshino's D.Gray-man manga series. It first aired on October 10, 2006.

Summary Edit

Allen finally arrives at the Black Order Headquarters. Due to a misunderstanding, everyone thinks he is an akuma. Yu Kanda confronts Allen and damages his anti-akuma weapon. Eventually, it is resolved when Komui finds a letter of introduction from Allen's master, Cross Marian. Afterwards, Allen is allowed into Headquarters and is given a tour by Komui's sister, Lenalee Lee. After getting his arm repaired by Komui, Allen is examined by Hevlaska, an exorcist who is able to measure his synchronization ratio. In addition, she predicts that Allen will create a powerful "Destroyer of Time" in a dark future. From Komui, Allen learns more about the war between the Earl and the Innocence. Reever Wenham, the unfortunate assistant to Komui, is introduced in this episode as well. We also get a glimpse of Allen's "dark" yet comical past with Cross Marian.


Allen getting spied

The Black Order looks at Allen

Allen has been seen climbing on the cliff, which he wonders why they putted that organization right there. He archived to get up, which he is relieved to be finally got there. Allen is then heading to the organization, but not known that he is being spied by one of the members.
Allen at the Gate

Allen at the Gate

Which contains that he has been spied by the whole members of the Black Order. Komui then comes and ask them who that is and soon says that they are not letting outsiders in. Komui then wonders why nobody has let him fall down from the cliff.
Allen gets scanned

Allen gets checked

Lenalee then tells Komui and shows him Timcanpy, which she says that Allen got Cross's golem with him. Allen then contacts with one of the Order members, which he introduce himself and explains why he's here. After that one of the members has ask Komui that he would like to speak with someone and if he knows about it, Komui then says no.
Kanda attacks Allen

Kanda attacks Allen

The member then activated the Gatekeeper's search function.

The Gatekeeper then starts to move, which Allen says hello. The Gatekeeper then activated his X-ray to see if Allen is a human or a Akuma.

After that the Gatekeeper has an error and later figured out about the pentacle, the Order's alarm then goes off.
Allens Arm has been Damaged

Allens arm has been damaged

Kanda then arrived to battle Allen. After that Kanda tried to take his sword away, Allen then says that there is some kind of misunderstanding. Kanda doesn't listen to him and activate his Innocence, the Mugen, which he starts to attack Allen. Allen's arm starts to activate from a sudden which interested Kanda. Kanda then attacks again, which he manage to damage Allen's Akuma Weapon. Kanda ask him about his arm which Allen replies that it is an Anti Akuma weapon saying that he is an Exorcist. Kanda is then furious at The Gatekeeper,

The assistant is reading the letter

which the Gatekeeper tells Kanda that he really saw his pentacle, saying that he's an demon. Allen then goes to the gatekeeper telling him that he is a human.
Kanda then activates his sword again saying that he will only believe him when he sees his guts. Kanda then starts to attack him, which Allen says that he isn't their enemy and that there should be a letter of recommendation from Cross Marian. Kanda then stops the attack.
Kanda still have Allen on hold

Kanda still have Allen on hold

Everybody inside the order is then staring at Komui, which he points to one of his assistant to look for the letter. After that they where been asking Komui something, Komui then avoids saying that he will help searching too.
After that they have found the letter, they have then decided to let Allen in. Reever then commands Kanda to stop attacking Allen. Komui then walks to Lenalee which he ask her for her help with Allen. The gate then starts to get open. Kanda then ask Komui about what has happened. Komui explains Komui that Allen is the former apprentice of Cross Marian. Komui then holds Reever in a headlock and forced him to say that it is all his fault. Komui then says that it is their friend.

Allen has been rejected to shake hands

Kanda is then been hit by Lenalee which she says that they told him to stop. Lenalee then warns them that they must get inside or else the gate will be shut. Inside, Lenalee introduce herself to Allen. Allen then calls Kanda which he tries to shake hands with him, but with fail. Kanda says that he won't shake hands with cursed ones. Allen feels disappointed which Lenalee says that he just go back from his mission which explains that he is acting that cocky.
Allen and Cross Marian

Cross Marian and Allen

When Allen and Lenalee are walking through the hallway, the guards are been talking about Allen. Allen then looks to the Crest of the Black Order which he looks around. Lenalee leads Allen around the Black Order, which she introduce him to many places around the Black Order. Afterwards, Lenalee ask how Cross Marian is doing, because Allen was in India. Allen tells Lenalee his story that was placed 3 months ago.
Start Synchronizing


In that flashback, Cross Marian makes Allen and Exorcist, which Allen is surprised to hear that. Cross Marian then redirects him to the Black Order. At the end, Cross Marian than hits him with his hammer.

Allen promise Mana that he won't stop walking

Allen wakes up, but doesn't see Cross Marian anywhere. Later Komui introduce himself to Allen, which they are heading to the laboratory where Komui is fixing the arm of Allen. After that Allen's arm has been fixed, they are heading to the Generals ground. Allen must show them how worth full he is. He is then been taken by Hevlaska to see if Allen is really worthy for the Black Order. Allen succeed and starts to become pissed at Komui for not warning him directly what should happen. Later he ask what Innocence is, which Hevlaska explains it to Allen. Allen is then in his own new room, which he touch a painting saying to Mana that he's finally is there.

Character AppearanceEdit

Credits Edit

Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji English Japanese Rōmaji
Allen Walker アレン・ウォーカー Aren Wōkā Sanae Kobayashi 小林 沙苗 Kobayashi Sanae
Lenalee Lee リナリー・リー Rinarī Rī Shizuka Itō 伊藤 静 Itō Shizuka
Komui Lee コムイ・リー Komui Rī Katsuyuki Konishi 小西 克幸 Konishi Katsuyuki
Yu Kanda 神田ユウ Kanda Yuu Takahiro Sakurai 櫻井孝宏 Sakurai Takahiro
Cross Marian クロス・マリアン Kurosu Marian Hiroki Tōchi 東地 宏樹 Tōchi Hiroki
Reever Wenhamm リーバー・ウェンハム Rībā Wenhamu Okiayu Ryōtarō 置鮎 龍太郎 Okiayu Ryōtarō
Johnny Gill ジョニー・ギル Jonī Giru Tsuboi Tomohiro 坪井 智浩 Tomohiro Tsuboi
Tup Dop タップ・ドップ Tappu Doppu Kan Tanaka 田中 完 Tanaka Kan
Hevlaska ヘブラスカ Heburasuka Yuhko Kaida 甲斐田裕子 Kaida Yūko

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