Please note that this is the D.GrayMan Encyclopedia's article on manga chapter, if you are looking for the article on the organization then you should head to Black Order.
Please note that this is the D.GrayMan Encyclopedia's article on manga chapter, if you are looking for the article on the episode then you should head to The Black Order (episode).
The Black Order

Chapter 5

Kuro no Kyoudan
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Arc Introduction Arc
Night 5
Volume Opening
Episodes adapted from this chapter Episode 2
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Admittance to the Castle

The Black Order (黒の教団, Kuro no Kyoudan) is chapter 5 of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

Allen finally reached the Black Order which he wonders if it is really the right place. Allen then goes ahead not knowing that he got spied by the members of the Order wondering who he is. Komui tells him that no outsiders must get in, which Reever tells him that he is much more different then a normal outsider. Lenalee then tells Komui that Allen has golem that comes from Cross Marian. Allen then yells at the gate that he got send here from Cross Marian. The Gatekeeper then talks to Allen and examines him seeing that he got a pentacle, makes him think that he is a friend of The Earl of Millennium, which shocks Allen including the members of the Black Order ending up the Gatekeeper crying. Lenalee tells that Kanda is on his way and starts to fight Allen. Allen explains that Cross Marian send the Order a message to a man named Komui, which the embers are staring at him. Komui sends one of the members to have a look at his desk, which they are staring again at him, which he helps one of the members who he send to help him. Komui found the letter which he and Lenalee are going to clean his desk. Komui gave orders to the Gatekeeper to open the gate which he says that he will have some fun judging him.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

== Quotes ==
  • (Allen to himself) "Wh...Why did they have to build that thing here..."
  • (Komui to his subordinates) "Come on, you know the rules. No outsiders. Why didn't make him fall?"
  • (The Gatekeeper to the Order) "HE'S OUT!!! He's bugged! He's cursed by the pentacle on his forehead! He's out!"
  • (Kanda to Allen) "You've got some serious guts coming here alone..."
  • (Allen to Kanda) "It's an Anti-Akuma weapon. I'm an exorcist."
  • (Allen to Kanda) "Wait! seriously, hold on! Master Cross should have send a letter of recommendation!"
  • (Komui to one of subordinates) "You there! Check my desk"
  • (Komui to Lenalee) "A kid send by Cross eh? It'll be quite interesting to evaluate him."

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