The Teez[1] (ティーズ, Tīzu) sometimes translated as Tease) are a type of golem created by the Earl and given as a gift to Tyki Mikk.[2] They appear as butterflies, often with playing card suits adorning their wings.

Tyki usually implants the Teez into his opponents and let them be eaten inside out, which also acts to increase the Teezes numbers.[3] Tyki can carry an undefined number of Teez within his own body without any noticeable side effects with the help of his "Choose" ability.[4]



The standard Teez look like purple and black butterflies, which Tyki uses for most tasks such as killing/torturing an opponent[5] or carrying out messages.[6] As the number of these Teezes multiply, the strength of the advanced Teezes grows.[7]


Advance Teez detail

Detail of a advanced Teez

Advanced Teez

An advanced Teez

A larger, more advanced Teez is made up of many standard ones. They retain their butterfly-like appearance and now bear a skull in the middle and their wings have a striped pattern. Tyki uses this type of Teez to personally torment his victims, as he did with Allen Walker.[8] These are able to shoot energy beams[9][10] and turn into weapons, such as shuriken blades that act as shields[11] and close-quarter combat blades[12].

Known Missions Edit

Tease usually reside in Tyki's body but they have been known to be assigned missions elsewhere.

  • Tease were put in Suman's body as an insurance that he would respect their deal by Tyki Mikk. When Suman's life was taken by the innocence, the tease inside him having grown by feeding on him left the body from the inside out, causing the whole upper part of his body to explode.
  • A unique tease was given by Tyki to Thread before sending him after Allen Walker. The goal of this is unclear, but it is possible that this was to make sure that Allen was aware who was sent the akuma. It might also be because Tease having already been inside Allen was able to locate him and lead Thread where he was hiding.

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