Sophia is a novel character from Volume 1 Chapter 2. She later appeared in anime in Episode 33 and 34. She was the akuma vessel for her twin sister Angela.


Both twins had blond (brown in the anime)hair and blue (gray in the anime) eyes. They wore a white skirt, a brown shirt, a red headband and a green shawl that Angela had made for Sophia.


Sophia and Angela lived with their father in Dankern village. Angela was ill, and so Sophia went to get a job in the nearby town of Mittelwald to pay for her medicine. However, once Sophia left, Angela was cast into the role of the village witch, and forced to live alone in the witch's cabin. She fell into a coma and died. Sophia came back and was devastated to find her sister dead. The Millennium Earl, sensing her sadness, came anse she called her sister back. His brought back sister immediately killed her and took her body.