Socalo Unit is the Exorcist Unit of General Winters Socalo. Socalo appears as a tough master but he was shown to give indications to his apprentices nonetheless.The original members of the unit didn't survive the General Hunt of the Noah Family.

Members Edit

  • Winters Socalo - Leader
  • Suman Dark : The Conditions of integration of this exorcist to the Unit are unknown. He was killed by Tyki Mikk after betraying his comrades and becoming a fallen one.
  • Chalker Laboun :The Conditions of integration of this exorcist to the Unit are unknown. Hekilled by Tyki Mikk.
  • Kazaana Reed :The Conditions of integration of this exorcist to the Unit are unknown. They were killed by Tyki Mikk.
  • Miranda Lotto : Miranda was apparently not given a unit at first. She was sent to help the Marian Unit to cross the sea in China. She followed them to Japan. This is only after their return to the Headquarters where the generals were that Miranda integrated Socalo's Unit.
  • Arystar Krory III : Arystar became an exorcist during a huge crisis. Because of that he didn't get to be entrusted to a general and had to accompagny the Marian Unit in their research of their general. Like Miranda, he integrated Socalo's unit only afterwards.
  • Kiredori : As a third exorcist, Kiredori became an official exorcist and she received an unit. During a mission with her generals and her comrades the cells implanted in her became crazy and she had to be killed by the general himself.

History Edit

Winters Socalo was entrusted with three exorcists at some point after becoming a general. When the Noah family targeted the generals to find the heart of innocence, exorcists Chalker Laboun, Suman Dark and Kazaana Reed were sent to look for their general and escort him back to the headquarters. Unfortunately before they find him, the three exorcists were confronted by Tyki Mikk in India. They were quickly defeated and Chalker and Kazaana were killed. Suman begged for his life, and Tyki accepted to spare him under the condition that he gave the locations of the fellow exorcist units. Tyki set Tease inside his body before Suman started to turn in a Fallen One. In China, madded Suman made a rampage amongst both akumas and citizens. His innocence eventually used up his life force and left him as an empty shell. The tease inside his body made him implode shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, Socalo returned to the headquarters by himself. After the Noah's Ark events, he received two new disciples, Arystar Krory and Miranda Lotto. Some months later with the completion of the Third Exorcist Program, Kiredori was added to the team and they all were sent in a mission in Jikaljan, Russia. There they faced Tryde and Jasdevi. Kiredori was soon taken over by Alma Karma cells inside her and started to attack her comrades. She was killed by her master himself.

Navigation Edit

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