Character Information
Kana Name 守化縷
Rōmanji Name Shu ka ru
Age Lifespan: ~ 200 years
Affiliation The Noah Family
Weapons Spells

Skulls are minions of the Millennium Earl and the Noah Family.


Skulls are humanoids that wear large black robes and have skull-like heads.


Skulls are created by transforming a human with a 'suitable' brain using a magic spell: a Skull places their index and middle fingers on the forehead of a subject, chants a brief spell that engulfs the subject's body in flames, then chants another spell over the body's charred remains, a new Skull forming from the body.[1] Though initially they do not seem to retain any of their memories, Tup Dop, who was transformed into a Skull, regained his memories and shed a tear just before he died.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sorcery: All Skulls possess the innate ability to use magic. Their spells allow them to do various things, from creating new Skulls, erecting powerful barriers, and even, more recently, blocking the abilities of Allen Walker's Cursed Eye and his ability to summon Ark Gates. Their spells, however, are not specific to their species; Cross Marian has been seen using spells that use the same incantations as those of the Skulls.

  • Known Spells:
  1. オン (On). Abata Ura Masarakato, System Conversion, Arise (起): Spell used to turn humans into Skulls.[3] Newborns are very weak and will turn into sand if not cared for after being transformed.[4]
  2. Abata Ura Masarakato, On Kaibara, Close (閉): Spell used to seal Allen Walker's Cursed Eye and Ark Gate summoning abilities.[5] Also known by the Science Division as a 'Seal Barrier' as it doubles over to act as a powerful shield that cannot be penetrated by humans, locking whatever is inside of it on a plane separate from the normal realm.[6] Creates an illusion that whatever it is sealing is still on the normal plane, though the illusion cannot be damaged. Any damage obtained on the separate plane carries over to the actual object when the spell is broken.[7] Can be bypassed by Third Exorcists.[8]

Bullet Immunity: Bullets from regular guns do not affect Skulls, one shown to be able to take a round to the temple by the skilled marksmanship of Reever Wenhamm and still be able to immediately turn on him to turn him into a skull.[9]

Immense Strength


  • Skulls are charged with various duties, including creating new Akuma, cleaning the Arks, mending the Earl's clothes, and performing other odd jobs.[10]
  • The main form of their name (守化縷) literally translates to "Guard(ian) of the Thread".


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