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Skinn Bolic's Room (スキン·ボリック·ルーム , Sukin Borikku Ruumu) is the ninety second chapter of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Only 110 minutes left before the destruction of the ark. Kanda orders his comrades to leave as he fights Skinn Bolic on his own. they feel the ground quake. Lero says that this room too will disappear. Allen tells hi friends that he will stay with Kanda to fight the Noah but Yu impends over him and even starts to attack them into leaving. The male exorcists irritated accept to leave him alone; Lenalee demands that he promises to survive and join them afterwards. He finally accepts.

Skin gets impatient and coats a shiny golden armor. He blasts a lightning bolts to the exorcists. Kanda uses the second illusions and stops the attack.the exorcists leave the room. Kanda noticices some lightning on his blade and asks skin if he can fight. The Noah stalked Tiedoll Unit from far away behind the akumas without attacking himself. Skin explains that since given that they were three he didn't know which one to fight first. He now made his choice. Kanda smiles and Skin introduces himself askins the name of his opponent. Kanda answers and the ennemy summons thunder. He asks if he likes sweets, Kanda hates them.


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