Sinner in Despair


Zetsubō no Zainin
Chapter Information
Release Date November 30, 2010
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Artificial Exorcists Arc / Seed of Destruction arc
Night 201
Volume Fate
Episodes adapted from this chapter Episode 10
Chapter Guide
Seeds of Destruction
A Changing World

Sinner in Despair (絶望の罪人, Zetsubō no Zainin) is the two hundred and first chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


A flashback show Tevak explaining to Link that she saw images of Allen killing Madara and Tokusa. Allen is then seen bound by Link. He explains that although he didn't believe the prophecy he was been in contact with Allen constantly over the last few months and could tell something was out of place, and that he put it down to the awakening of the 14th.Allen pleads to Link to let him go however Leverrier tells link the Exorcist is out of control and must be incapacitated.

As Leverrier shout at Link Tevak begins to transform in his arm like the other third exorcists, as she transforms she launches herself at Allen demanding to know where her brother is, as she is about to attack the helpless Allen she is knocked away by a giant sized Timcanpy much to the shock and amazement of the others present. Link stands to face Tokusa as he is attacked by the monstrous Third Exorcist, but before Tokusa can attack he disappears. Tevak, in mid transformation asks for her brother and the other thirds, saying she doesn't want to be alone. Allen then realizes that Tokusa was transported by the Earls Ark and shout to Tevak to move away, Link also moves to stop her but she also disappears.

The Earl then interjects, explaining that while he understands the third project he has his own rules and that anything that stray from his own path will not be tolerated, he then creates another gate that the Noah, including Tryde holding an unconscious Madara disappear through. The Earl says that the thirds will now become his pawns and that he will be back soon for Allen, who has broken all his rules.

Back in the new HQ Timcanpy and Allen are imprisoned in a sealed room.

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