Searching for Allen Walker arc is the twenty-second story arc of the D.Gray-man series which is written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It unfolds as Allen Walker having run away from the Black Order tries to escape his pursuers whether they are outside or inside him. It starts at Chapter 208 and is currently on-going.


Johnny Gill reiterates his demand to leave the Order and go after Allen to Reever Wenhamm. Reever finally accepts while on his side Allen is hiding from Apocryphos who is implacably tracking him.

Johnny is on departure but to leave the order he has to ingest a liquid that will erase his memories of both Allen and the Black Order. He tries to escape but is caught up by the CROW. Suddenly Yuu Kanda bursts into the train and saves him from the CROWs.

Kanda then explains that he will accompagny him and help him to find Allen. They track him by exploring a lot of places (mostly brothels) in which Allen has debts . During the research, Johnny is attacked by an akuma who taunts Kanda about how they will surely fail before being defeated.

They finaly find him dressed up and working as a wandering clown. Taking advantage of an Akuma's attack, Allen tries to run away but he soon falls unconcious. As the noahs Wisely and Tyki Mikk show up in the Crowd, Kanda and Johnny save and carry Allen to an inn.

Allen is fighting the memory of the 14th and Kanda meets Howard Link in a street revealing the latter to be alive. Meanwhile in the inn, The 14th awakes and knocks out Johnny. Kanda returns to find an Awake Allen. After putting special handcuffs to Allen and Johnny, they go in the street. Kanda is ambushed by Apocryphos while Allen and Johnny are ambushed by the Earl.

Suddenly Nea awakes again and reveal the Truth about Mana and Nea. After a flashback, Link shows up to restrain the Earl and he claims to be an ally of the 14th.

The Earl and the Noahs (after delivering the Earl) return to the Ark, declaring that the 14th has returned. They are called by Nea himself who announces his upcoming visit to kill the earl.


Searching for Allen Walker Arc

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208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218
219 220 221 222 223 224
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