Searching for A.W. - He closes his Eyes within The Whirlpool (A.W(アレン・ウォーカー)をたずねて・彼は渦の中でいっそう is the 220th chapter of the Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. The chapter is published in Jump SQ.Crown in April 2016.

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Color Spread: Lavi, Bookman, Lenalee Lee, Allen Walker with Crown Clown and Timcanpy, Mana Walker, Johnny Gill and his golem, Howard Link and Yu Kanda.

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Nea continues the reveal of the previous chapter. He explains that their mother Katerina lied, as they are not real brothers but one and the same person: The Earl of Millenium. As Nea reminds to Mana that the latter devoured the first, Mana remembers and a flashback ensues.Johnny Gill and his golem

Mana is facing a looking-glass, crying. He apologizes to Nea, stating he has to find the Heart according to his duty of Earl of Millenium. He collapses in tears, yelling that this is why he devoured neah and apologizing again.

He begins to scratch the mirror and his own skin until it bleeds, wondering how it got like this. Suddenly Adam appears through the mirror charging Mana for what happened. He keeps on, saying that neither Mana nor Nea ever exist, only the Earl of Millenium does. He will achieve his goal as the Earl of Millenium, completing the will of Adam and the Noah. He orders to Mana to disappear before blasting his own face with the dark Matter to get rid of it as the thing that reminds about Mana and Nea.

Back in the current story, Howard Link knocks out some finders from the Order and their golems who are looking after Allen. He shivers as the mere thought of Apocryphos and remembers Luverier ordering him to protect the 14th and make him his ally. He still doubts if letting Allen be absorbed by the 14th is the right choice.

The Earl on his side is shocked and wonders why Nea is calling him Mana, as he seemingly lost his memories. Nea says that it doesnt matter if he remembers or not as long as he can destroy him. The Earl starts to loose his sanity and while the costume of Adam starts to cover him, Nea is restrained by the finders of the Black Order.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Johnny Gill
  2. Nea Walker (in Allen's body)
  3. The Earl of Millennium
  4. Nea D. Campbell (flashback)
  5. Mana D. Campbell (flashback)
  6. Howard Link
  7. Apocryphos (flashback)
  8. Malcolm C. Lvellie (flashback)
  9. Zu Mei Chang (flashback)
  10. Allen Walker (flashback)

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