Chapter 25

Chapter Information
Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Arc The Rewinding City arc
Night 25
Volume The Rewinding City
Episodes adapted from this chapter 12
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Miranda Lotto's Invocation
As Snow Falls Over the City

Regenerate (再生, Saisei) is the twenty-five chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


The battle continues against Road and her Akumas, Road is wondering how Allen and Lenalee are becoming to lively and sure things that Miranda is behind it. Lenalee then ask Allen who that child is but knows that they meet them at the theater. Lenalee then ask Allen if she is a Akuma, Allen says that she is a human. Road then writes the name of Allen and knows something about him, saying that she has heard about him from The Earl of Millennium saying that Allen is the one who can see he souls of the Akumas and has been cursed by his father. Road then tells the Akuma to self destruct which she use Umbrella Count. The Akuma begs Road to stay alive because he has evolved that far. Road is ignoring the Akuma. Allen then ask Road what she's doing. Road then says that is a Akuma is destroyed without using innocence his soul will disappear into a Dark Matter, which that Allen can save it anymore. Allen then ask Road to stop and rushes to the Akuma. He has been blocked by Lenalee before the Akuma exploded. Allen sees his soul disappearing which Road is laughing about it. Allen screams at Lenalee why she blocked him. Lenalee hit Allen in the face which she says that they are friends. Road then is laughing at Allen saying that he's more amusing than that she though and ask them if the woman over there is all right. Allen and Lenalee are then attacking the Akuma that is trying to attack Miranda. After defeating it. Road is then leaving but where been putted on a stop by Allen but after that Road talked to Allen about the situation, she then departs telling Allen to play again.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Allen Walker
  2. Lenalee Lee
  3. Miranda Lotto
  4. Timcanpy
  5. Road Kamelot
  6. Lero

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