Quotes Edit

  • (Allen to The Earl of Millennium) "Greetings Earl. I'm your nemesis"
  • (Jan to Allen) "Wh...why? What makes you think Leo is an akuma? He's my best friend! We started the Akuma patrol together. We swore we'd work hand in hand to protect the city...there's no way he's an Akuma! PROVE IT!"
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Jan) "How do you feel, Jan? You irritate me. You have no power...yet you have a strong sense of justice. Always calling me the bad guy. I created the Akuma with everyone's best interest at heart."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen) "I remember you! We met a long time ago! You're Allen Walker! You're that kid who turned his own father into an Akuma!!"
  • (Mana Walker to Allen) "Allen...How dare you...turn me into an Akuma...? Allen how could you do this?! I curse you! I curse you Allen Walker!"
  • (Allen to Mana Walker) "Mana...?! Stop! Leave Mana alone! RUN...RUN, FATHER!!"
  • (Mana Walker to Allen) "Allen...I...Love you...please destroy me."
  • (Cross Marian to Allen) "There is no other way to save such a soul except to exorcise it. You are a human with an anti-akuma weapon within you...such a mercurial destiny...yet another soldier of life doomed by fate. Do you wish to become a exorcist?"
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen) "Oh, Allen... should have killed you back then."

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