Quotes Edit

  • (Allen to himself) "Wh...Why did they have to build that thing here..."
  • (Komui to his subordinates) "Come on, you know the rules. No outsiders. Why didn't make him fall?"
  • (The Gatekeeper to the Order) "HE'S OUT!!! He's bugged! He's cursed by the pentacle on his forehead! He's out!"
  • (Kanda to Allen) "You've got some serious guts coming here alone..."
  • (Allen to Kanda) "It's an Anti-Akuma weapon. I'm an exorcist."
  • (Allen to Kanda) "Wait! seriously, hold on! Master Cross should have send a letter of recommendation!"
  • (Komui to one of subordinates) "You there! Check my desk"
  • (Komui to Lenalee) "A kid send by Cross eh? It'll be quite interesting to evaluate him."

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