• "Exorcists, Those possessed by the gods...They exist to destroy the ominous evils that rise from the darkness."
  • (Moor to Chales) "Chales...I can't believe I'm hearing this from a cop!"
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Marc) "My dear Akuma, keep killing so you can continue to evolve."
  • (Moor to Marc) "You need to take care of yourself Marc, As your sister, I'm hoping for the same thing from heaven."
  • (Moor to herself) "He basically placed us under house-arrest."
  • (Moor to Allen) "Allen do you honestly think the suspect is a demon? But demons are mythical beings that were created as a way to explain illnesses and people's misfortunes during ancient times. They only exist on paper an in our heads. not in reality. I don't believe in curses and demons. I hate that type of stuff."
  • (Allen to Moore) "Um...the Akuma I'm talking about isn't that kind of human. It's a weapon from the dark side, created to prey humans. "Akuma" is the actual name of a weapon."
  • (Allen to Moor) "Moor, an Akuma camouflages itself in our world by "wearing" a human corpse. That is not Marc anymore. That thing killed your brother and began wearing his skin."
  • (Marc about God) "God has taken my wife away from me! How could he do this?! I curse you!"
  • (Claire to Marc) "Marc....How could you...? How dare you turn me into a Akuma! I'm trapped! There's no escape!"

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