Quotes Edit

  • (Allen Walker to The Earl of Millennium) "Don't underestimate me. I was shot earlier, but that was only because I was protecting Jan. It takes more than an Akuma Bullet attack to kill me."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen Walker) "Do you know Eastern proverbs? "Unskilled guns, but...The more guns, the likely they will hit" I've got plenty of Akuma to go around."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen Walker) "I am The Earl of Millennium, the maker of the Akuma. I shall obliterate your puny "God" and lead the world to it's death with my Akuma. An exorcist, a soldier of life. You can't save this world no matter how hard you try. NEVER!"
  • (Jan to Allen Walker) "It's Leo's grave marker for now. He's been treated as a runaway and no one knows he's dead. So until he has a real grave someday..."

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