• (Cross Marian to Allen) "It's been three years since you became my apprentice. It's about time you held your own...From this day forth, I permit you to formally call yourself an exorcist."
  • (Allen to Cross) "You can't be thinking about leaving me behind, Master?"
  • (Allen to the Akuma) "You can't deceive my eyes."
  • (Allen to Jan) "Jan it's better...if you don't let your curiosity go any further. Even about the Akuma just now...stop doing anything that would get the Earl's attention. It's dangerous."
  • (Jan to Allen) "I'm not going to sit back and let the Akuma invade us. "dangerous" my butt! Don't treat me like a little kid scrawny!"
  • (Leo to Jan) "Jan...There's a place I want to show you. Come with me..."
  • (Jan to Allen) "Did you come to lecture me? You know I'm not going to listen to you!"
  • (Allen to Jan) "WAIT! JAN! That Boy is..."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Jan) "Leo has been dead for quite some time. He died on the day of his mother funeral."
  • (Allen to Jan) "It's true, Jan that boy is The Earl of Millennium's Akuma."

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