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Poker is the twelfth volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.

Summary Edit

As Jasdevi leaves the crumbling room, he is attacked by a mannequin of blood, Krory's new technique. It quickly defeats Jasdevi, but Krory is unable to make it to the next room before it is destroyed. The remaining four members of the group meet Road and Tyki and learn Allen's Innocence may also be the Heart. Tyki fights Allen as Road traps Chaoji and Lenalee and sends Lavi's mind to her dream world. Tyki overpowers Allen and damages his Innocence, which recovers from the damage. Seeing that the Innocence will not be destroyed, Tyki creates a vacuum to destroy Allen's body. Allen pushes his Innocence to surpass 100 percent synchronization, the normal limits of an Innocence and breaks free of the vacuum by materializing the "Sword of Exorcism". Wielding the Sword of Exorcism, Allen destroys the Noah inside Tyki's body. Road, furious that one of her family members has been killed, surrounds her foes with candle-like stakes and begins to destroy Lavi's mind.

Chapters Edit

Bonus Edit

Author Note: Edit

Nothing in the world is as cute as my beloved Koro. Nothing. But that was before the birth of my first nephew! This little guy is really heavy: My arms are tingling of carrying him.


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