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Allen (アレン , Aren)  was a supporter[1] and friend[2] of The 14th Noah 35 years prior to the story. A lot of mysteries surround him including the name he shares with Allen Walker/Red and Mana's dog, Allen.

Appearance Edit

Allen has long light hair partly tied in a chignon in the back and a fringe. He wears civilian clothing and round glasses.[2]

Personality Edit

Allen appears as a knowledgeable man in Nea's memories. He is a faithful man willing to sacrifice himself to allow Nea to fulfil his goal. He is seen smiling with a rather calm demeanour.[2]

History Edit

Past Allen resolve

Allen's resolve

35 Years ago, Allen was supporting Nea in his fight with the earl. Before Nea died he proposed himself to be his next vessel after his death. He was seen approaching a badly wounded Nea in an alley and swearing to protect his memory.

He is the one who told Nea about the Helix of Life.He was aware of the Earl's soul devouring ability and explained it to Nea.[2]

Cross Marian was aware of the reincarnation plan since he"s looking for "Allen" when he met Allen Walker (Red).[3]

Plot Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

Scientific knowledge: Allen seems to know a lot about the helix of life, the source power of life.

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently unknown who exactly Allen is. He has fuelled many fan theories including him being Allen Walker whose body somehow rejuvenated.
  • Mana Walker's dog was also named "Allen". It is unknown if there exists a link between the two.

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