Character Information
Kana Name パング
Rōmaji Name Pangu
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Level 2
Affiliation Noah Family
Blood Type Akuma Oil
Seiyu Matsuda Yuki

Pang is a Level 2 Akuma who attempted to help Road Kamelot locate Miranda Lotto's Innocence.


Pang has four heads and five faces, counting the Level 1 Akuma face, and bracers on his wrists. He also seems to be wearing vertically striped trousers.


Like all sentient Akuma, Pang enjoys killing. He is also a little simpleminded, shown playing a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with Ice and Kazekiri to decide who would kill Allen, and then shown getting mad when Allen attacked them while they were playing.


Rewinding Town arcEdit

Pang first appears when Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee and Miranda Lotto are sitting in a cafe and talking after metting for the first time. As Lenalee flees with Miranda, Pang uses his Punk Voice on Allen to cause Allen severe mental trauma, slowing him down enough for Ice and Kazekiri to attack him.[1] When the three then can't decide whether they want to slice Allen, rot his skin or melt his brain, they stop to play a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors," and Allen uses the opportunity to shoot Pang in the back. Pang becoems incensed, asking Allen why he'd done it, to which Allen answers that he'd be stupid not to.[2] Pang is about to attack Allen again with Ice and Kazekiri when Road communicates with them telepathically and orders them to come back to her side, leaving Allen to wonder what happened as they flee without a word.[3]

The next morning, after Miranda's clock has shown its ability to suck the "time" of the town back into itself, thus making the town repeat the same day over and over, Road is seen sitting on Pang's shoulders and scratching his heads and faces, licking his blood off of her fingers and commenting on how interesting the Innocence's ability is.[4]

Later, after Ice has lured Lenalee and Allen away from Miranda, Pang joins the battle alongside Kazekiri and the three attack Allen and Lenalee, Pang using his voice to make the ice around Allen's feet crack and Ice freezing Allen's feet in place before hitting him with a close-range blow from his Ice Fire.[5] As Allen falls unconscious, the three Akuma then turn on Lenalee.

When Allen regains consciousness, it's to Pang nailing him to the wall of Road's dream world.[6] When Allen, upon seeing Lenalee unresponsive and no longer in her own uniform, calls out to her, Pang torments him by telling him that Lenalee fought hard to protect him.[7] Road then taunts Allen further, and when Allen manages to free himself, Pang joins Ice and Kazekiri in fighting him, knocking Allen out again.[8]

Road makes to kill Miranda with her candle-like spikes, and Allen takes the blow fo her. When Pang, Ice and Kazekiri move in to finish Allen off, Miranda goes to Allen's side, Pang tauntingly askign her what a human can do while she does, and the stress of the question and facing the Akuma causes her Innocence to invoke properly for the first time.[9]

When Miranda's Innocence forms a protective dome around her and Allen, Pang inspects it with Ice and Kazekiri, asking Road if she thinks they can damage it.[10] Then, Allen's hand emerges from the dome and grabs Lenalee, and when Lenalee heals and unleashes an attack on the three Akuma, Pang becomes angry and demands to know where the Exorcists are. Just then, Allen lands on his head and answers "Here" before firing his Innocence, destroying Pang.[11]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Punk Voice: Pang's Dark Matter allows him to use the ability "Punk Voice," which uses sound waves to cause neurological damage to a living target[12] and physical damage to inanimate objects.[13]


  • This Akuma was originally unnamed in the manga version. "Pang" was the name given to the character in the anime version.


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