Our Hope (僕らの希望 ,Bokura no Kibou) is the eighty-first chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written

and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

Allen is facing a level 3 akuma who just burst into the Asian Branch passing through For's barrier. Allen notices one of the butterfly of Noah Tyki Mikk . He decides to attack the akuma but he is stabbed through the chest by a string. The Akuma begins to break down the exorcist. Rohfa and Rikei try to save him but without sucess. Fortunately Bak Chang arrives and uses the spirit stone to blast the akuma which allow For to free herself and cut the string. He then orders the evacuation of the Branch. With this short break they run away while Bak blocks the akuma behind a door. For then changes her shape and impersonate Allen in order to trick the akuma and allow the exorcist and the others to escape. Allen is shocked and disagrees but Bak lectures him about the importance of the exorcists for the war. As Bak face betrays his feelings, Allen decide to open the door himself if Bak doesn't want to.

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Edo and Asian Branch Arc

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