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Chapter 1

Chapter Information
Release Date May 31, 2004
Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Arc Introduction Arc
Night 1
Volume Opening
Episodes adapted from this chapter Episode 1
Chapter Guide
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A Full Moon Night

Opening (オープニング, Ōpuningu) is the first chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

Two police officers Moor Hesse and Chales are investigating the town's church after receiving complains from the citizens because there are peoples disappearing within. Chales is scared due to the fact that he knows that the church is cursed. Once inside, Moor and Chales got attacked by bats which Moor has been taken and Chales was left alone. Moor has been taken to a room and which surprises the person who took her and also knows that she's a police officer. While the kid has been handcuffed, Moor interrogates him which she hears Chales cream. She then goes to take a look and sees Chales disappearing which poisonous gas where been released. Moor has been saved by the kid and fall conciousness. She then woke up at the police station which she knows that the kid is being interrogated. His name is Allen Walker and explains to them what his true purpose are and evenly knows the culprit of many deaths in the church, which are Akuma's. A strange man then goes to a man's house turn out to be Moor's brother-in-law Marc. Inside Moor's house, Allen explains what Akuma's while the got suddenly attacked by Marc. Through Allen's cursed eye, he could see that Marc is a Akuma. While they got blasted of to the church, Allen explains also the ability of a Akuma, which he starts to make a attack to Marc. The detective starts to shoot to Marc which Marc kills them. Allen then explains more about the origin's of a Akuma, which Moor tells Allen the history about what happened to Marc and her sister Claire in the same church they are in. Allen then defeats Marc and tells Moor the name of the creator, known as The Earl of Millennium.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Allen Walker
  2. Moor Hesse
  3. Chales
  4. Police Inspector
  5. Millennium Earl
  6. Claire (akuma)
  7. Claire (flashback)
  8. Moore (flashback)
  9. Marc (flashback)
  10. Millennium earl (flashback)

Quotes Edit

  • "Exorcists, Those possessed by the gods...They exist to destroy the ominous evils that rise from the darkness."
  • (Moor to Chales) "Chales...I can't believe I'm hearing this from a cop!"
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Marc) "My dear Akuma, keep killing so you can continue to evolve."
  • (Moor to Marc) "You need to take care of yourself Marc, As your sister, I'm hoping for the same thing from heaven."
  • (Moor to herself) "He basically placed us under house-arrest."
  • (Moor to Allen) "Allen do you honestly think the suspect is a demon? But demons are mythical beings that were created as a way to explain illnesses and people's misfortunes during ancient times. They only exist on paper an in our heads. not in reality. I don't believe in curses and demons. I hate that type of stuff."
  • (Allen to Moore) "Um...the Akuma I'm talking about isn't that kind of human. It's a weapon from the dark side, created to prey humans. "Akuma" is the actual name of a weapon."
  • (Allen to Moor) "Moor, an Akuma camouflages itself in our world by "wearing" a human corpse. That is not Marc anymore. That thing killed your brother and began wearing his skin."
  • (Marc about God) "God has taken my wife away from me! How could he do this?! I curse you!"
  • (Claire to Marc) "Marc....How could you...? How dare you turn me into a Akuma! I'm trapped! There's no escape!"

Trivia Edit

  • With 57 pages This is the second longest chapter of D.Gray-Man.
  • D.Gray-man chapters are called "night" and this first one is called "opening" making it the "opening night" (first performance of a theatrical attraction) of the series.

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