Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (土翁と空夜のアリア Tsuchi Okina to Sorayoru no Aria) is the Second volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.

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Teen exorcist Allen Walker is given his first assignment, an his perilous mission takes him to Southern Italy, where an Innocence has been located. Along with fellow Exorcist Kanda, and Tom, a "finder"--one of a support group for exorcists--Allen must vanquish the akuma that covets the Innocence.

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Allen is dispatched with Exorcist Yu Kanda to obtain an Innocence in Mater, a haunted town. Upon entering the town, they encounter a level two Akuma, an evolved Akuma powerful enough to overpower both of them. They manage to escape and locate the "Ghost of Mater", a doll animated by the Innocence. The doll, known as Lala, refuses to surrender the Innocence to them until the death of Guzol, a man she has cared for. Despite Kanda's protests, Allen agrees to her request, but they are attacked by the Akuma, who takes the Innocence from Lala. Allen's rage causes his Innocence to evolve, and he and Kanda defeat the Akuma. Allen returns the Innocence to Lala, and retrieves it from her after Guzol dies.

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