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Noah's Memory, Part 3 (ノアズ·メモリー·3 , Noazu Memorii 3) is the ninety fifth chapter of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

The room in which Kanda and Skinn Bolic fight start to collapse. Kanda is bound to Skinn by energy chains. Skinn notices that the entry door has already disappeared, leaving only the exit. Skinn sends an energy gust on the exorcist. He draws him with the chain to make sure he is hit. Kanda yells in pain and ends up pinned to a wall allmost unconcious. On his chest a tatoo is visible. Skin grabs him by the head wondering how many times he must kill him so he dies. He decide to rip off his head but Kanda suddenly awakes and sever Skinn with his blade from the shoulder to the belly, apparently a strategy of his.

Skinn yells and he tightens his grip to behead Kanda while the exorcist pushes with his katana to bisect the noah. Kanda's head is almost disconnected and Skinn collapses in a flake of his own blood. He yells as the innocence of the Katana penetrates his body. Kanda used the energy charge to have his blade melt . Kanda stands victorious before the body of his opponent. He states that all humans are mortal and walks away. Skinn hasn't said his last word yet and repeats that Noah are indeed immortal...

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