Nightmare Paradise


Naitomea Paradaisu
Chapter Information
Arc Edo and Asian Branch Arc
Night 77
Volume Our Hope
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The Lost Released
Message from the judge

Nightmare Paradise (ナイトメア·パラダイス, Naitomea Paradaisu) is chapter 77 of the D.Gray-man manga written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

The Party finally arrives in Japan guided by Chomesuke. Chomesuke explains them the situation in the country and escort them to find her friend Kawamura another modified akuma. They find her on a road and Chomesuke rushes to her. She stops suddenly as she realizes something is wrong. Chomesuke runs away telling her friends to escape while Kawamura resumes her akuma form trying to free herself from a spiderweb. Three level 3 akumas arrive and proceed to devour the trapped level 2. Kawamura explains akuma cannibalism.

The three crew survivors then introduce themselves. Their spokesperson is a young man named Chaozii Han. Suddenly Chomesuke has a headache. She is called to Edo by the Earl.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Edo, Tyki Mikk is eating a fish (just taken from the river). Cell Roron informs him that he can't erase Allen Walker's name from the wall. This means that he is still alive. New Noah Jasdero and Devit arrive introduce themselves and taunt Tyki. They are all apparently given a murder mission by the earl. Their target is General Cross Marian.

Devit and Tyki get in a coach drawn by Jasdero. They flip Skinn Bolic who was passing by. He was apparently targetting Tiedoll who is also in Japan. They take him in and head for Edo.